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Business, Hospitality, International Trade, Project Management, IT and Social Media.


The Canadian College offers several internationally recognized Study and Work Diplomas.

Canadian College (St. Lawrence Curriculum)

This is a St. Lawrence College curriculum delivered by Canadian College. Students enrolled in these programs will receive two diplomas, one from St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario, and another from Canadian College. In accordance with our Ministry approved transition plan, January 2023 will be the final enrollment for the dual credential program. Canadian College will continue offering programs using the SLC curriculum beyond January 2023 and we look forward to the next phase of our successful partnership.

Diploma & Certificate Programs

Post-Grad and post secondary

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Eat, study, play, and sleep — 英語でカナダ生活。


Smrt English、新時代の英語学習システム
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Academic Partnersーアカデミックパートナーズ

Canadian Collegeの専門コースはより高水準の教育を提供するため各業界に精通する会社や機関と連携しています。

Academic Partners

Students graduate with the skills and qualifications they need in their future career.

The Canadian College of English Language

Meet your English requirement by studying at CCEL.

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