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Social Media Marketing

This course provides an overview of the concept known as social media. This course explores the development, trends and tools that are assisting organizations to better connect with their audiences. Students will be immersed into a variety of social media platforms and services, and will become familiar with integrating social media tools with one another. Furthermore, students will gain a broader understanding of the impact and the wider implications of emerging social engagement tools upon organizations and the marketplace.

Diploma & Certificate Options

Program Benefits

  1. Hands-on industry experience
  2. Learn to develop professional social marketing campaigns
  3. Knowledgeable faculty with relevant experience
  4. Gain valuable knowledge that reflects the most current practices

Career Opportunities

  • Web
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations Managers

Co-op Training

The Social Media Marketing Co-op is an integral component of Social Media Marketing Diploma program with Co-op as it provides students with essential real-world work experience in a Canadian English speaking business environment. The Co-op is designed to provide the students with two semesters of solid studies in their initial entry to the college. This is to effectively arm them with soft skill tools necessary for a quality six months (480 Hours) Co-op with a Canadian organization.

Completing the initial first Co-op after six months (480 Hours) will allow the students to return to the college for the next Semester (240 Hours) of study before they enter their next six month (2nd) Co-op Term (480 Hours) prior to returning for their Final semester (240 Hours) of study, graduating and returning to their home countries armed with the necessary tools and training they need for their future careers.

As students return to their home country, the combination of a Western Canadian Diploma and Co-op is not only a competitive advantage, but also allows students the opportunity to understand and experience the cultural and business nuances that can only be gained from a prolonged hands-on experience. This program was design to provide students with effective management working skills that is necessary for the 21st century work place.
Canadian College Co-op Terms & Conditions

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