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Student Experiences

Canadian College students talk about their experience taking the Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op which allows them to study and recieve work experience in Vancouver

Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management program at Canadian College offers a range of both short and long-term certificate and diploma options, which are certified by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH&LA;) and internationally recognized to meet professional industry standards. Each program and course therein, has been designed to provide students the competitive advantage require to be universally prepared to work in a global economy.

Diploma & Certificate Options

Program Benefits

  1. Hands-on industry experience
  2. Special attention to International Hospitality Management
  3. On-campus student training restaurant
  4. Knowledgeable faculty with relevant experience
  5. Internationally recognized Certificates reflect a high standard of learning
  6. Gain valuable knowledge that reflects the most current practices and trends in today's hospitality industry

Career Opportunities

The hospitality industry is a rapidly growing market that encompasses hotel, food services, tourism, event management, as well as club and resort management. Job opportunities, as well as salaries, are steadily increasing in all sectors of this service-oriented field. Students learn the knowledge and skills that industry professionals have identified as important for on-the-job success. Completion of Canadian College Hospitality diploma and AHLA certificate programs usually gain employment at the skilled entry-level positions from which progress can be made to management positions.

Co-op Training

The hospitality Co-op is an integral component of this program as it provides students with essential international hotel/resort/tourism experience. As students return to their home country, the combination of a Western diploma and co-op is not only a competitive advantage, but allows students the opportunity to understand and experience the cultural and business nuances that can only be gained from a prolonged hands-on experience. The first Co-op provides students with entry level jobs while the second co-op session strives to provide students with positions that will lead to entry level management positions. The 12 month co-op is equal to the 12 months of academic classes students attend.
Canadian College Co-op Terms & Conditions

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