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Hospitality Management 飯店管理

加拿大學院的飯店管理課程提供一系列短期和長期的證書和文憑,課程已通過北美飯店業管理協會(AH&LA)的認證並獲得國際認可,達到飯店業的標準。 課程使學生具備競爭優勢,為學生在全球工作做好準備。

Canadian College 加拿大學院

Canadian College (St. Lawrence Curriculum) 加拿大學院 (公立聖勞倫斯學院課程)

This is a St. Lawrence College curriculum delivered by Canadian College. Enrollment in this program for September 2022 and January of 2023 is now closed. Students that have already been enrolled will receive two diplomas, one from St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario, and another from Canadian College.

We look forward to re-opening this program to students in 2023 modified to be compliant with recent BC Policy Changes.