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Uluslararası Ticaret Eğitimi (Yoğun) (Diploma)

6 aylık program, uluslararası ticaret eğitimlerini yoğun bir programla takip etmek isteyen; iş tecrübesi olan ya da ek bir eğitim arayan öğrenciler için tasarlanmıştır. Uluslararası tanınırlığı olan FITT sistemiyle; Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) uzmanlığını elde etmek için ilk adımın atılmasına yardımcı olur.

Program Avantajları

  • Canadian College International Trade Training Intense Diploma
  • FITT Diploma

Kabul şartları

  • Lise diploması veya dengi
  • Öğrenciler başvuru için gereken dil koşullarından birini karşılamışlardır: Canadian College İngilizce yerleştirme sınavından 130, Smrt İngilizce sınavından 130, IELTS'ten 5.5 ve her bölüm için genel olarak en az 5 puan; TOEFL IBT 46-59, CAEL 45.
  • Meet your English requirement by studying on campus at the Canadian College of English Language.

Start dates:

2024: Jan 02 Apr 01 Jul 02 Oct 01
2025: Jan 06 Apr 07 Jul 07 Oct 06
24 Hafta (20 Saat / hafta)
FITT Diploma
*This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

FITTskills Programı

FITTskills, uluslararası ticaretin temel özelliklerini ele alan oldukça pratik kurslardır. Öğrenciler bu kurslarda; FITT Diploması kapsamında kaydolabilirler. Sekiz kursun tümünü başarıyla tamamlayan öğrencilere; Uluslararası Ticaret FITT Diploması verilir. Bu diploma, CITP eğitim gereksinimini karşılar.

CITP Belgesi

CITP edinmek, FITT diplomasını tamamlamak ve FITT tarafından belirlenen standartların ve gereksinimlerin karşılanması ile sağlanır.


COMM 140 - İletişim

This introductory communications course emphasizes the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking business communication skills at a college level. Students write for various purposes and audiences and deliver short presentations to small groups. Students research, analyze, summarize and document information. Students self and peer evaluate written documents and oral presentations. Through reading, media response and discussion exercises, students improve their communication skills. Communicating in diverse teams and across cultures is emphasized.

FITT 205 - Küresel Girişimcilik

Global Entrepreneurship will introduce students to the fundamentals of International Trade. The student will learn to understand the context in which international trade takes place and recognizes the opportunities and challenges it represents for business. Students will learn to apply this knowledge to operate successfully in the international business environment.

FITT 210 - Uluslararası Hukukun Yasal Yönleri

This course presents the basic legal principles of carrying on international business. It covers the legal implications of international business activities, discusses the legal aspects related to intellectual property, competition and antitrust laws, public trade law and legal issues related to E-commerce in international business.

FITT 220 - Ticaret Finansmanı

This course addresses financial methods and tools used to conduct international business transactions successfully. Risks such as commercial and country are discussed as are risk-mitigating techniques, their use and legal implications. Learners will acquire a broad overview of the nature and scope of trade finance—in particular, the 'Four Pillars' of trade finance, i.e., payment facilitation, risk management, financing and provision of information related to a transaction.

FITT 260 - Uluslararası Pazarlama

International Marketing will teach students how to outdistance the competition by introducing students to the role of marketing in the pursuit of international business opportunities. Learn the potential challenges and the various factors that could affect a successful outcome. Participants will be provided with the basic knowledge and skills to develop an international marketing and implementation of plans to achieve business targets. Students learn to appreciate the implementation and coordination of the international marketing activities of products and services.

FITT 265 -Uluslararası Pazara Giriş

This course will cover a comprehensive assessment of international market entry options for the export of products or services and optimal market entry strategies. The learner will be able to assess barriers to market entry, differentiate between market entry strategies, recommend potential international partners through consultations and analysis of strengths and weaknesses and negotiate partnership agreements.

FITT 270 - Küresel Arz Zinciri Yönetimi

The course content provides insight into global supply chain activities including production and inventory management processes and regulatory and security requirements. Other topics within the course material are: the key elements of a logistics plan and how it impacts the business plan, the advantages and disadvantages of various transport modes, the roles and value of outside service providers in a supply chain strategy, order processing, inventory management and other points of interest.

FITT 275 - Ticaret Araştırmaları

True marketing success in international trade depends greatly upon developing an in-depth understanding of target markets. This can only be accomplished through research. International Trade Research will take the student through applying comprehensive research methodologies, step by step. Students will learn that adequate and timely information supports sound international business decision making. Students will have the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive assessment of international market entry options for the export of products or services and recommend the optimal market entry strategy.

Choose two of the following elective courses depending upon availability.

ACCT 101 - Muhasebe 1

This course introduces financial accounting concepts. Students learn the double-entry accounting system, including the preparation of financial statements, closing entries, internal controls for cash and payroll accounting.

ACCT 102 - Muhasebe 2

This course is a continuation of Accounting 1 and offers further insight into the field of accounting and how it serves the needs of the business community. We take an in-depth look at some specific items on the balance sheet, accounts receivable, inventory, capital assets, and current liabilities as well as the use of special journals, subsidiary ledgers, and end with an introduction to corporations. Applications of the principles learned will be applied to the preparation of financial statements, and in-depth problems, which emphasize the importance of accounting in decision making.

BUS 100 - İşletme Matematiği

This is a fundamental course in business mathematics. Topics covered include mathematics of merchandising, simple interest, compound interest, annuities, loan amortization, and cost-volume-profit analysis. This course is designed to encourage students to develop mathematical skills and abilities by applying them to common business situations. Regardless of his or her prior math experiences, this course will enhance the learner's ability to use mathematics to solve problems and make sound decisions from both a career and personal perspective.

BUS 130 - Operasyon Yönetimi 1

This course introduces the learner to the operations management profession. An operations manager is concerned with the planning, decision-making and actions required to produce and deliver the organization’s goods and/or services, as opposed to marketing its products, managing its human resources or accounting for its finances. Operations managers work in virtually all enterprises – manufacturing, service, government, for-profit and not-for-profit. Operations managers work in many parts of the organization, including Purchasing and Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Quality Management, Scheduling, Transportation and Logistics, and Front-line Supervision to name a few.



COMP 150 - İşletme Bilgisayar 1

This course is the first part of an introduction to the computer skills required in business today. It provides the student with an introduction to computer file management and Microsoft Word.

FOREX 101 - Introduction to Foreign Exchange

An Introduction giving a basic understanding on how the Foreign Exchange Market works with the trading of currency pairs, using the study of various techniques and rule based structures to buy and sell currencies.

FOREX 102 - Application of Forex Trading

Taking the elements learned in FOREX 101 students are guided into applying the lessons learned into real application placing trades on a demo account. A more comprehensive detailed learning of how to become a consistently profitable currency trader.

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