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International Trade Training (Intense) (Diploma)

This 6-month program is designed for students with some work experience or post secondary business training looking to fast track their International trade training. By using internationally recognized FITT materials, this program fulfills the initial stages of becoming a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP).


  • Canadian College International Trade Training Intense Diploma
  • 國際貿易協會(FITT)文憑


  • High School Diploma, High School Completion Certificate, or equivalent.
  • 學生須滿足其中一項的語言要求: 參加加拿大學院線上測試並達到相當於英語130的程度,雅思5.5單項不低於5.0,托福機考 46-59,加拿大學術語言評估CAEL 45
  • Meet your English requirement by studying on campus at the Canadian College of English Language.

Start dates:

2024: Jan 02 Apr 01 Jul 02 Oct 01
2025: Jan 06 Apr 07 Jul 07 Oct 06
FITT Diploma
*This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

FITTskills Program

國際貿易FITT專業培訓課程 FITTskills 是非常實用的課程,著重於國際商務的原理。加拿大學院國際貿易文憑的學生,成功完成六門FITT課程和測試後,學生將獲得FITT國際貿易文憑。此FITT文憑將達到成為FITT認證的國際貿易專業人員CITP的教育要求。


The FITT Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) designation is the world’s leading professional designation for global business practitioners. This industry-validated designation is earned by obtaining the FITT diploma and meeting standards and requirements set by FITT.


CC 140 - Communications

This introductory communications course emphasizes the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking business communication skills at a college level. Students write for various purposes and audiences and deliver short presentations to small groups. Students research, analyze, summarize and document information. Students self and peer evaluate written documents and oral presentations. Through reading, media response and discussion exercises, students improve their communication skills. Communicating in diverse teams and across cultures is emphasized.

FITT 205 - Products and Services for a Global Market

FITT課程: 在面向全球市場的產品和服務課程當中,學生將學習如何使產品和服務適應國際市場上規範,法律,文化和消費者/顧客要求的差異性。分析這些差異如何影響成本,產品設計,包裝,標籤,產品測試和服務交付,進而去制定相對的策略,這是在任何國際目標市場上取得長期成功的關鍵。

COMM210 - Intercultural Communication

This course prepares students to meet the challenges of intercultural business communication. Success in international business requires understanding and sensitivity in order to navigate the various differences one will encounter in a multi-cultural setting. From contrasting values and etiquette, to differences in language and non-verbal communication, students will develop the awareness and skills to transcend such differences within a multicultural environment, both international and domestic. Through assignments, readings and in-class discussion, students will gain the practical knowledge and skills for a variety of communication-based tasks, from cross-cultural negotiation to effective business correspondence.

FITT 220 - International Trade Finance


FITT 260 - International Sales and Marketing


FITT 265 - International Market Entry Strategies


FITT 270 - Global Value Chain


FITT 275 - Feasibility of International Trade


Choose two of the following elective courses depending upon availability.

CC 101 - Accounting 1

This course introduces financial accounting concepts. Students learn the double-entry accounting system, including the preparation of financial statements, closing entries, internal controls for cash and payroll accounting.

CC 102 - Accounting 2

This course is a continuation of Accounting 1 and offers further insight into the field of accounting and how it serves the needs of the business community. We take an in-depth look at some specific items on the balance sheet, accounts receivable, inventory, capital assets, and current liabilities as well as the use of special journals, subsidiary ledgers, and end with an introduction to corporations. Applications of the principles learned will be applied to the preparation of financial statements, and in-depth problems, which emphasize the importance of accounting in decision making.

CC 100 - Business Math

This is a fundamental course in business mathematics. Topics covered include mathematics of merchandising, simple interest, compound interest, annuities, loan amortization, and cost-volume-profit analysis. This course is designed to encourage students to develop mathematical skills and abilities by applying them to common business situations. Regardless of his or her prior math experiences, this course will enhance the learner's ability to use mathematics to solve problems and make sound decisions from both a career and personal perspective.

CC 130 - Operations Management 1

This course introduces the learner to the operations management profession. An operations manager is concerned with the planning, decision-making and actions required to produce and deliver the organization’s goods and/or services, as opposed to marketing its products, managing its human resources or accounting for its finances. Operations managers work in virtually all enterprises – manufacturing, service, government, for-profit and not-for-profit. Operations managers work in many parts of the organization, including Purchasing and Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Quality Management, Scheduling, Transportation and Logistics, and Front-line Supervision to name a few.

CC 141 - Marketing 1

Designed to provide the student with an overview of the marketing concept and how it can be applied to any type of organization or service. Students also learn how key marketing concepts, principles, and theories can help marketers make effective decisions. Specifically the knowledge and understanding which are needed to assess product, price, promotion and distribution options, and to make marketing mix recommendations for specific target markets.

CC 150 - Business Computers 1

This course is the first part of an introduction to the computer skills required in business today. It provides the student with an introduction to computer file management and Microsoft Word.

FOREX 101 - Introduction to Foreign Exchange

An Introduction giving a basic understanding on how the Foreign Exchange Market works with the trading of currency pairs, using the study of various techniques and rule based structures to buy and sell currencies.

FOREX 102 - Application of Forex Trading

Taking the elements learned in FOREX 101 students are guided into applying the lessons learned into real application placing trades on a demo account. A more comprehensive detailed learning of how to become a consistently profitable currency trader.

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