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Konaklama Yönetimi ve Co-op (Sertifika)

Bu program konaklama sektörüne giriş niteliğindedir. 6 aylık okuma programıyla, otelcilik sektöründeki bir işletmenin faaliyetlerini sürdürmek için gerekli olan bilgiye ulaşılması ve 6 aylık co-op çalışma programıyla ise sektörde değerli olan iş deneyimini sağlaması amaçlanır.

Program Avantajları

  • Canadian College Hospitality Management Co-op Certificate
  • AHLEI Rooms Division Certificate and/or Hospitality Marketing & Sales Certificate

Kabul şartları

  • Lise diploması veya dengi
  • Öğrenciler başvuru için gereken dil koşullarından birini karşılamışlardır: Canadian College İngilizce yerleştirme sınavından 125, Smrt İngilizce sınavından 125, IELTS'ten 5.0 ve her bölüm için genel olarak en az 4.5 puan; TOEFL IBT 45, CAEL 40.

Start dates:

2023: Jan 03 Apr 03 Jul 04 Oct 02
2024: Jan 02 Apr 01 Jul 02 Oct 01
52 Haftalık (20 Saat / hafta)
6 aylık iş deneyimi
AHLEI Certificate
*This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.
Sömestır 1


12 hafta

Sömestır 2


12 hafta

Sömestır 3


12 hafta

Sömestır 4


12 hafta

Not: Her sömestır 12 haftadır ve her sömestır sonrası 1 haftalık bir tatil vardır.

Eğitim ve Çalışma

Öğrenciler kendi ülkelerine dönerken, diplomaları sadece bir rekabet avantajı değil, aynı zamanda öğrencilere kültürel ve ticari nüansları anlamalarını sağlayacak; uzun süreli bir tecrübeyi de kazandılır.


Konaklama Yönetimi Sertifika programının ayrılmaz bir parçası olan co-op programı; öğrencilere Kanada'da İngilizce konuşulan bir ortamda gerçek dünya iş deneyimi yaşatır.

Kariyer fırsatları

Konaklama sektörü, sürekli gelişim gösteren ve hızlı büyüyen bir pazardır ve bu sektörde iş olanakların yanı sıra maaşlarda artmaktadır. Öğrenciler, sektördeki profesyonellerin başarı için önemli olduklarını belirledikleri; bilgi ve becerileri öğrenirler. Canadian College Konaklama Yönetimi Sertifika programı tamamlandığında, yönetim kademelerinde ilerleme sağlayabilecek, giriş seviyesinde pozisyonlar için istihdam yaratabilecek beceriler kazanılır.

  • Otel
  • Yemek servisi
  • Turizm
  • Organizasyon Yönetimi
  • Tatil Yeri ve Kulüp Yönetimi

Career Services at Canadian College

Our goal is to help the students at Canadian College gain the skills needed to be competitive in Canada’s job market and gain real world career experience. We pride ourselves in providing student centric support to help meet each individual’s specific goals. Please contact one of our advisors anytime for questions and support.


COMM 140 - İletişim

This introductory communications course emphasizes the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking business communication skills at a college level. Students write for various purposes and audiences and deliver short presentations to small groups. Students research, analyze, summarize and document information. Students self and peer evaluate written documents and oral presentations. Through reading, media response and discussion exercises, students improve their communication skills. Communicating in diverse teams and across cultures is emphasized.

HOSP 103 - Hospitality Today - An introduction

AHLEI course: This course has been substantially updated to reflect safety and security issues of current concern within the hospitality industry. This third edition presents best practices and guidance related to risk management in the hospitality workplace. Content takes a broader and more global view of the issues, and focuses on identification and mediation of a variety of safety and security concerns. Topics include:Security and Safety in the Lodging Industry, Legal Aspects of Loss Prevention, Guestroom Security Equipment,Lodging Safety Equipment, Security Procedures Covering Guest Concerns, Departmental Responsibilities in Guest and Asset, Protection, Emergency Management and Media Relations, Protection of Funds, Employee Safety, Insurance and Risk Management.

HOSP 241 - Yiyecek ve İçecek Yönetimi

In this course students can learn the foundation they need to make smart decisions in food and beverage operations. The course addresses ways in which food and beverage operations have adapted management and operating tactics from other industries, what operations are doing to maintain or improve quality standards while reducing expenses, and how high-tech strategies are being used to give customers greater value for their dining dollars.

HOSP 250 - Otelcilik Sektöründe Denetim

This Supervision in the Hospitality Industry course is designed to introduce students to the proper understanding of effective communication, supervisory responsibilities, orientation and training, managing productivity and controlling labor costs, evaluating and coaching, discipline, special supervisory concern, team-building , motivation through leadership, managing conflict, time management and managing change.

HOSP 333 - Ön Büro İşlemlerini Yönetme

AHLEI course: This course reflects the increased role of technology in front office operations, including e-commerce The course also outlines strategies and action steps for what to do when technology fails and you have to fall back on manual operations.

HOSP 338 - Kat Hizmetleri Yönetimi

AHLEI course: This course is designed to provide students with the principles of housekeeping management as they apply specifically to the hospitality industry.

Students must choose 4 of the following elective courses depending upon availability.

HOSP 261 Basic Hotel Accounting

AHLEI course: Provides a basis for understanding hospitality accounting concepts and procedures, the processing of hospitality financial data, and the flow of financial information in the accounting cycle that results in the production of financial statements.

HOSP 281 - Tesis Yönetimi

Provides hospitality managers and students with information they need to know to manage the physical plant of a hotel or restaurant and work effectively with the engineering and maintenance department. Students will learn how technology can streamline operations procedures, how to balance environmental concerns with guest satisfaction, and how to communicate effectively with hotel engineering personnel.

HOSP 346 - İçecek Hizmeti Yönetimi

AHLEI course: This course lays the groundwork for a basic understanding of beverage service by explaining the beverage service process, describing the types of positions commonly found in beverage operations, and focusing on such beverages as beer, spirits, and wine. Included in the course are instructions on responsible alcohol service, supervisory techniques, and procedures for entry-level beverage service positions.

HOSP 349 - Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations

AHLEI course: This course will give students a basic understanding of the management process in food and beverage operations. All aspects of food and beverage operations are covered, including organization, marketing, menus, costs and pricing, production, service, safety, and finances.

HOSP 357 - Konaklama Yönetimi

AHLEI course: This course presents a systematic approach to human resources management in the hospitality industry. Students will analyze contemporary issues and practices, as well as employment laws that have an impact on the way people are managed.

HOSP 374 - Gelir Yönetimi

AHLEI course: This course will give students a basic understanding of the revenue management process. It addresses the proper use and importance of revenue management in hospitality operations and describes the wide range of elements that must be considered in order to use revenue management effectively.

HOSP 387 - Security and Loss Prevention Management

AHLEI course: This course provides the students with a comprehensive introduction to the many entities that make up the hospitality industry, as well as an overview of today's hot issues, including ethical challenges and management concerns. Numerous examples, exhibits, and statistics give students an up-to-date look at the dynamic hospitality field. The course reflects new industry trends, management practices, and the effect of technology and social media on various aspects of hospitality. Topics include: boutique/lifestyle hotels, Airbnb, global distribution systems, event technology, emotional labor, and Internet advertising.

HOSP 464 - Planning & Control for Food & Beverage Operations

AHLEI course: Covers the principles and procedures involved in an effective food and beverage control system, including standards determination, the operating budget, cost-volume- profit analysis, income and cost control, menu pricing, theft prevention, labor cost control, and point-of- sale reports.

HOSP 468 - Konaklama İşletmelerinde Teknoloji Yönetimi

This Managing Technology in the hospitality industry course is designed to introduce students to the proper understanding of the rapid advancement in technology in regards to the hospitality industry. Students will cover reservation systems and how they are intertwined with all the departments in a specific property. How to operate, select and use different software’s How to properly select a supplier, and so on.

HOSP 472 - Konaklama Satış ve Pazarlama

AHLEI course: In today's highly competitive hospitality market, it is essential to have an understanding of marketing and sales This course is designed to provide students with a solid background in hospitality sales and marketing. The textbook’s main focus is on practical sales techniques for selling to targeted markets.

HOSP 478 - Kongre Yönetimi

Defines the scope and segmentation of the convention and group business market, describes marketing and sales strategies to attract markets with specific needs, and explains techniques to meet those needs as part of meeting and convention service.

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