Social Media Marketing (Certificate)

This program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers within social media marketing. A selection of courses will give students an introduction to the field and provide students with the tools necessary for the successful execution of a social media marketing campaign.

Program Benefits

This program is intended to prepare a student for a career in Social Media Marketing. At the end of this program, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the tools required for the development and execution of a social media marketing campaign for a small business.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma, High School Completion Certificate, or equivalent.
  • iBT 70, IELTS 5.5, CCEL 125 pass or 70% on the Canadian College online assessment.
51 Weeks (20 Hours / week)


CC 141 - Marketing 1

Designed to provide the student with an overview of the marketing concept and how it can be applied to any type of organization or service. Students also learn how key marketing concepts, principles, and theories can help marketers make effective decisions. Specifically the knowledge and understanding which are needed to assess product, price, promotion and distribution options, and to make marketing mix recommendations for specific target markets.

CC 142 - Marketing 2

This course focuses on the marketing mix, a collection of variables that marketers control and manipulate in changing market conditions. Once marketing objectives have been developed, companies must decide on specific pricing, products/services, distribution and marketing communication strategies. Students study each of these four marketing mix variables in depth and in the context of a marketing plan.

CC 110 - Photoshop 1

Photoshop is a critical graphics tool that is necessary for every online professional. Mastering this tool can assist a social media marketer- significantly increasing their graphics focused skillset while consolidating their service offering to a potential client and/or employer.

CC 125 - e-Commerce 1

This course provides students with the fundamental principles of planning and developing a successful on-line business. It covers issues like key challenges to for IT managers, opportunity analysis and business model development.

CC 112 - Introduction to Social Media

This course provides an overview of the concept know as social media. This course explores the development, trends and tools that are assisting organizations to better connect with their audiences. Students will be immersed into a variety of social media platforms and services, and will become familiar with integrating social media tools with one another.

CC 113 - Social Media Campaign 1

Social Media Campaign 1 introduces students to the key elements in creating engaging brands and flourishing communities. This course will integrate knowledge gained from Introduction to Social Media, as well as from Marketing 1 enabling students to see a more holistic picture.

CC 116 - Measuring Social Media

Just like a regular marketing campaign, social media efforts also need to be measured in order to determine if success has been achieved or not. Whether it is determining engagement, reach, passion, sentiment or influence, social media metrics are invaluable to assess the impact of social media on budget, time, and the bottom line.

CC 114 - Social Media Campaign 2: IMC and Mobile

Mobile has become a significant component of Integrated Marketing, so much so, that mobile marketing has begun to eclipse other traditional and online channels. In today’s marketplace, mobile has become an integral touchpoint to generate traffic, communicate information, entertain, create leads and recently, to facilitate transactions. Building on Social Media Campaign 1, this course introduces the power that mobile adds to a marketer’s toolbox.

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