Homestay Vancouver | Canadian College


Enjoy the Canadian lifestyle living with a Canadian homestay family. Homestay accommodation is a fun, safe, and affordable way to stay in Vancouver.

Homestay Options

Students can stay either in a single room with a shared bath, or a single room with a private bath. Both plans have 2 meals per day during the week and 3 meals on the weekend. If there is another student in the same homestay, they will speak a different language. All families are screened and monitored. Students with special requests concerning religion, diet, allergies, etc. can be accommodated. Living with a homestay family is a great way to practice your English and be immersed in Canadian culture.



Homestays are usually located in West Vancouver and North Vancouver. You will enjoy a homestay in a quiet, safe area, close to transit and all amenities. Transit in and around Vancouver is very good. You will find it easy to travel from your homestay to the Canadian College.

Airport Pickup

A college staff person can meet the student at Vancouver Airport and drive them to the homestay family.


Ask an Expert

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